Summer Basketball League

  • Two 20 minute halves with a running clock except free throws and timeouts. 2 min half time.  Clock will stop on the whistle the last minute of each half.
  • 3 time-outs/game.
  • Divisions for co-ed adult, girls and boys High School, Middle School and 5th and 6th
  • Divisions/Grades are what they will be in during the fall 2022 school year. You may not play on more than 1 team in the same division.
  • The league begins the week of July 11 and will be finished August 5th or before.
  • Each team will play at least 2 games each night they are scheduled to play and all games are on week nights with the possible exception of the tournament
  • 12 league games (3/week 2 games/night 2 nights per week) with an optional single elimination tournament at the end. Tournament seeding will depend on season results.
  • $375/team.

adminSummer Basketball League

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