Court Rentals

Looking for a place to hold a practice?  Our courts are available for rent by the 1/2 hour or hour, as well as  packages for multiple sessions.

For Volleyball, Basketball, Futsol, etc.

$45 / hour per court

For Scrimmages, Games, etc.

$60 / hour


For package pricing, fee must be paid up front and most practices booked at that time. Once your package has started you are welcome to request a date/time change, but court time will be honored based on court availability.

50 Hours of Practice

$30 / hour
  • ($1,500)

34 Hours of Practice

$35 / hour
  • ($1,190)

24 Hours of Practice

$37 / hour
  • ($888)

17 Hours of Practice

$40 / hour
  • ($680)

Basketball Gun Rental

Practice your shooting without needing a rebounder. Work on your game from the perimeter without having to chase balls everywhere and make your court time more valuable with the Gun.

Basketball Gun Rental

$15 / 30 minute session
  • to use the basketball gun in addition to court rental fees

Facility Rentals

Are you interested in renting the facility for more than just sports? Community events, dances, space for vendors (i.e. bridal shows, home shows, etc.) or any other event that requires a large amount of space? Contact us and we would love to let you know about our very competitive rates. Our prices vary according to time, space needed, and length of the event. Please send an email with your space needs and potential dates to in order to schedule your event!


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