Conditioning and Speed

Jump higher and farther with VertiMax vertical jump training. VertiMax is the most effective vertical jump training system in the world because it allows an athlete to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component which leads to superior vertical jump performance gains.

VertiMax’s ability to maximize vertical leap performance, which is a measure of explosive leg power, will transfer to significant gains in other critical sports performance parameters such as first step quickness and overall speed. Athletes jump higher and farther when they train with VertiMax Athletic Performance Equipment like the V-Series Platforms and Portable Raptors.


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The Speed & Agility Camp will enhance middle and high school athletic knowledge through expert coaching in a fun and exciting environment. Our purpose will be to provide quality individual instruction in the techniques and training that are necessary for young athletes to reach their full potential. Speed training, power, and agility are the essential elements for success in ALL sports! With an increased awareness of how to maximize these disciplines, athletes will be able to further their potential in their respective sport.

Camp Format

Each daily 1-hour session includes technique instruction for speed and agility enhancement, with fun challenges and performance tests. Challenging but not exhaustive. Designed to kick-start any athletes fall season by establishing desirable movement patterns. Measured performances: 20-yard dash, Vertical, Jump, broad Jump, and 20-meter shuttle (3 cone Drill). Each camp session lasts 1 hour and includes a full warm-up, event instruction, and a cool-down. Instruction includes fundamentals and technique instruction with fun-filled challenges. There also will be progressive drills and exercises each week.


  • Linear Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Multi-directional Agility
  • Footwork
  • Max Velocity
  • Speed Endurance (fatigue resistance & metabolic conditioning)
  • Plyometrics
  • Power pertaining to speed
  • Speed Mechanics

Plyometrics or ‘Jump Training’

These are designed to train the nervous system and muscles to produce fast and powerful movements. This program utilizes multi-directional horizontal and vertical movements including hops, jumps, and box jumps. Plyometrics improve foot quickness, coordination, body awareness, and lower body explosiveness. Improved landing mechanics for injury prevention and increased metabolic conditioning as they are (performed in repeated bouts of 5-20 seconds) are also added benefits.

Multi-directional ground-based movements

Drills progress from basic balance and movement skills to more advanced running, sprinting, jumping and multi-directional skills. Ground based drills also allow the athlete to react, accelerate, decelerate, and change directions – just like in a game.

Recovery and restoration

Along with nutrition, muscle relaxation and flexibility exercises will be taught. The importance of sleep and the awareness of overtraining will also be discussed throughout the program. The goal of the Speed & Agility Camp is to increase athletic performance on the playing field by improving linear speed, acceleration and deceleration, quickness, multi-directional speed and agility / change of direction ability, strength, explosive power, stamina, flexibility and fatigue resistance (metabolic conditioning) along with recovery skills and nutrition – all essential ingredients for peak athletic performance and health.

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